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2019 15.1 hands
Draft cross mare

As easy and calm a horse I have ever seen, Phoebe rides and drives, and is traffic safe.  She's had good miles, and would make the perfect partner for any of the English disciplines, could go out on the hunt, jump around an event course, be a steady gal in the dressage ring, or go for a Sunday afternoon drive with the whole family. She's been around cattle, on the trails and down the road.


Three big comfortable gaits, she has a beautiful free shoulder and had a comfortable trot that covers lots of ground. She jumps with the same freedom of shoulder, and snaps up her knees without becoming quick or flat through her back.  She canters rhythmically no matter what kind of distance she finds to the jump. She does her job no matter what it is, no muss, no fuss.


No vices, no buck, no rear, just an overall wonderful discipline.  Stands like a gem for grooming and tacking. 


Located in Hardinsburg,

Southern Indiana.

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