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Project Ponies

Project ponies are those that have had only groundwork and have not yet had 30 days under saddle.  Many of our project ponies have been worked in the round pen and have great ground manners.  They are old enough to start their riding careers, being at least four years of age. Some of them have been lunged and ground driven, and even been sat on several times, but have not yet learned to walk, trot, canter under saddle. Some of our ponies are priced lower due to our constant need to maintain a small herd.  Only a few ponies are kept to be worked and readied for the show ring every year so some must go and are offered to very low prices to facilitate herd reduction.  For some people this is the only way to break into an expensive market, and for others it is a very highly profitable adventure. Take advantage of their low price and make up your own show pony for a fraction of the price you would pay for a seasoned campaigner!

For a full sales list of all our ponies and sport horses that are for sale or lease, you can fill out the inquiry form.  We have young stock that is often not listed, and several warmblood horses that come up for sale and lease.  Be the first to know news from Shadow Hollow Farm and share the sales lists with your friends!

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